Art and me screenshot.

Gold Claw


Axon LLC


United States


Project strategy,
web development, hosting,
website migration, app design,
SEO, machine learning.


Marketing, UX/UI designer,
project manager, coder, ml scientist.

A multi-vendor e-commerce social network geo-location website – try saying that ten times. Axon has a dream, a dream for the gold panning world. One to rule them all, an application that will unite all parts of North America!

We can't give much detail until its release. However, they have requested a material design that'll require edge technologies to accomplish.

These kinds of websites require much time, discipline, and commitment — a level in which is offered here at Alowh.

Updates will periodically be displayed here.

Please note that all displayed designs are not final. What you see may not be used in the end product. Thank you.